The N7 Fairway
The N7 Fairway
The N7 Fairway
The N7 Fairway
The N7 Fairway
The N7 Fairway

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The N7 Fairway

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Performance under pressure

At AFO, we want every golfer to feel like a Master on the course. Introducing the N7 Fairway. Now every N7 Fairway Wood is reinforced with AFO’s patented Pressurized Nitrogen technology for weightless face support, superior control, and incredible distance with every swing. Your tee-time is about to get a whole lot better.

The Basics

  • 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • Aerodynamic Head Shape
  • FFT Face Flex Technology
  • Nitogen Pressurized Club Head
  • Protective Head Cover
  • Right hand only. Left hand clubs coming soon.

Why Nitrogen Technology?

Thinner Club-Face for Maximum Power and Distance
Nitrogen pressurization makes thinner club faces possible, maximizing speed and trampoline effect, so you can deliver more distance with every swing

Edge-to-Edge Sweet Spot for Improved MOI and Forgiveness
Sweet shouldn’t be limited to a single spot. Nitrogen injection allows for equal pressure across the entire club-face, creating a more forgiving club and better average performance on the course.

Weightless Architecture for Consistency with Every Swing
Metal bracing creates inconsistency. By pressurizing the club-head with nitrogen, the need for internal bracing is eliminated, delivering consistency shot after shot.